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General processing guidelines

LOC sends us books in several languages as well as some subscription material. Staff or students in Order Division will open packages and distribute material as follows:
  • Serials go to Serials Acquisitions
  • Firm orders go to Monograph Acquisitions for check in, who will request assistance if necessary from MELT.
  • Books in Urdu will go to MELT without selector review (at present)
  • English, Arabic and Persian material go the the Approval room for review. After review the English material will go to Monograph Acquisitions, and the Arabic and Persian to MELT for processing.
  • Separate approval purchase orders will be created by the two units processing the receipts. Urdu and English books will go to rcppa or other indicated location and be processed on fund 1525. Persian books will be paid on 1519 and Arabic for 1503.

No returns are made to LOC.


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