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Item Record Creation for new acquisitions


The Item record identifies a physical piece - book, CD, serial volume, etc. - and links it to a barcode number that is used for Circulation. Acquisitions staff should have their default item status set to "In Process" and default item type to "Gen."
  • With the holdings (mfhd) record as the active window, click on the New Items icon (pile of books, with "+" sign)
  • Wand the barcode or type in the barcode number (no spaces).
  • If this represents a particular volume of a title, put the volume number in the Enum field.
  • Save the record by clicking on the Boat icon.
  • Affix the barcode to the book following standard procedure for bound or unbound volumes.

To print a piece label to travel in the book, click on File>Print label. Click on Print.