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Remote Searching in Voyager

Keyword Searching

Use Search Builder for keyword searching:
  • Author Keyword
  • Music Publisher or Number
  • Title Word
  • Year of Publication

General Keyword is also available.  As always, use with caution.  Our Voyager search codes such as 245A or SUBK do not function in remote searching.

Omit stopwords from your search.  If you include a stopword in an OCLC search, the server returns an error message.

OCLC stopwords: &, a, an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by, for, from, had, have, he, her, his, in, is, it, not, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, was, which, with, you. 

RLIN stopwords: all words of one or two characters.  In addition: about, and, are, aus, aux, avec, con, dal, das, del, dem, der, des, for, from, gli, into, les, mit, nach, the, und, von, with, zum, zur.

Notes and sample Builder searches
Samples are for illustration and are not necessarily recommendations for the particular cases.

  • Author Keyword
  • This search is generally used as part of a name-title search.  The recommended approach is to choose one word from the surname element of a personal name or from a corporate name.  If you need to include more than one word from surname or corporate name, also specify “all of these.”

  • Title Word

    Use words in any order.  If more than one, be sure to specify “all of these.”
    Target: Cattle in ancient Ireland.
    cattle ancient ireland in Title Word “all of these”

  • Author-title searches

    Generally, choose one word from the surname element of a personal name or from a corporate name plus one word from the title.  If you need to include more than one word from surname, also specify “all of these.”

    Target: Problemas de inquilinato / Deusdado Castelo Branco.
    branco in Author Word and inquilinato in Title Word

    Target: British artists from Hogarth to Turner / by Walter Thornbury. 1861.
    thornbury in Author Word and turner in Title Word and 1861 in Year of Publication

  • Target: The Directory of computer graphics suppliers : hardware, software, systems, and services / Harvard University Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis.
    spatial in Author Word and services in Title Word

  • Year of Publication
    • Corresponds to Date1 in the 008.
  • Music Publisher or Number.

In OCLC, only 028 |a is indexed (i.e., the number element, not the publisher name).  OCLC data is concatenated, so delete spaces and also parentheses, slashes, periods, and dashes along with the spaces they occupy.  Do not enter letters after numbers.  Indexing and search results are somewhat unpredictable.

In RLIN, both 028 |a and |b are indexed as they appear.  Omit hyphens but leave a space.  In searches with more than one term, choose “as a phrase” or “all of these” as suitable.


IMT 39062


IMT 39062 “as a phrase”



TMA-NW1032 “as a phrase”

193a C. F. Peters


193a peters “all of these”

NR 247-CD


nr 247 cd “as a phrase”

D/CD 1011 Delos


d/cd 1011 “as a phrase”

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