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General Workflow

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Shipments are checked for completeness in the mail room at the time of delivery. Rush orders and rare or vulnerable materials are processed immediately. All other orders are queued for processing. Each title is then searched in Voyager and checked against the order and the bibliographic record to ensure that we have received the correct item. After being checked in material may either be cataloged immediately or sent to a pre-cataloging hold according to current practice.


When all titles on a given invoice have been marked received in Voyager, the invoice is forwarded to the Invoice Unit for payment. In order to pay an invoice on Voyager, there must be an exisiting line item on a purchase order for that title. In order to put a line on a purchase order, there must be an exisiting bibliographic record for that title in the catalog. It is not possible to pay an invoice simply by creating an invoice line and typing in a title. This reality has governed many of the workflow changes that have taken place in Technical Services since the Voyager system was implemented.

Many of our serial renewal invoices and some of our monographic invoices can be loaded electronically from files FTP'd from a vendor's database. This allows us to process the invoices more quickly, particularly the serial renewal invoices.

Once an invoice has been input, it is approved for payment and a file sent electronically to Accounts Payable to cut a check. An invoice that has been processed in this way has a status of "approved". On a monthly basis the check numbers and date of payment are downloaded into Voyager from the University's Accounts payable database. This information may be viewed in Voyager in the invoice footer.