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Finding Funds in Voyager Acquisitions

Interpreting fund records

To get an overall picture of a fund’s activity, search for an allocated fund by using the fund name and the 4-digit fund number.

  • Allocations box: This describes the original allocation plus and transfers in or out of the fund.

  • Commitments: “Total” represents approved (printed) purchase orders ; “Pending” represents pending purchase orders.

  • Expenditures: “Total” represents approved (printed) invoices ; “Pending” represents pending invoices.

  • Balances : “Available” is net allocation minus actual (not pending) expenditures and encumbrances (or, money unspent and uncommitted), “Cash” is net allocation minus expenditures (or, unspent money)

To get a picture of how much money is spent for different categories of material, look at the reporting funds.  The balance figures show money debited against the reporting fund. Commitments and expenditures show activity on orders and invoices linked to this reporting fund.  There are no allocations in reporting funds.

Sample screen of ledger display

Sample screen of Fund display

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