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Gift Book Processing
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Gift Book Processing


a. Search OCLC either via Connexion, using Export, or the Voyager Z39.50 connecting. If there is no match to your search, go to step g.

b. You now have a bibliographic screen in Voyager. Note the “Imported Remote Bib ID#” in the title bar. Examine the MARC record. If it is not the record you want, simply close the bibliographic record by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. The record will not be saved or added.

c. If it is the record you want, check the author and title headings to be sure you searched it correctly. Also check for any series you may not have previously serached. Once the item is searched and you have verified that we should add it to the database, invoke Macro Express as follows:

Hit control/shift/p
Hit 3 or double-click on “imported gift.”
On the next screen, click on the appropriate format (book,serial,score,etc.)

When the 904 field is complete, click on the Boat icon to save the record to the database.

d. If this is your first "save" of your Cataloging module session, you will see a message telling you the name of the Import/Replace profile which is selected on your workstation. Your import/replace profile should be set at OCLC Add Conditional. Unless you wish to change the prompted profile, click on No. Once the record is saved, the Title bar displays “Bib ###### [Title]” (You will not see the Import/Replace message for subsequent records in the same session).

e. Create a holdings record (mfhd) and an item record.

f. Print a label to travel with the book through processing.

g. If there is no record in OCLC, do an author search; if you find an existing heading, copy it to your clipboard to use it in your brief record. Create a brief record using the appropriate choices in the 904 for "input gift".

Click on the Boat icon to save the record to the database.  Go back to steps e and f to finish off the book.

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