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Notes for Check Number field

The check number field is reserved for special processing needs as of fiscal year 2015

Prior to that time check numbers and expenditure dates were recorded in this field.

Approved uses of check number field in FY15 and following

    CL : Putting the CL code in the check number field translates in the voucher field to instructions for Accounts Payable to call when the check is ready. Invoice staff pick up the check and mail as necessary
    Pay [amount] in [currency] : Wires being paid in foreign currency require this note in the voucher feed, for example, "Pay 10,000 in EUR".

    Credit cards : Credit card invoices need a note "CreditCard" in the check number field. This prevents the invoice from being picked up in the nightly voucher feed. See also instructions for Credit Card vendor types.

    Previous codes prior to FY15:
      Internal : Internal records of charges such as Interdepartmental Invoices, that are entered for tracking purposes only. Also, payments on zero$ invoices such as deposit account reconciliation invoices.

      Void : An invoice was approved but a check was not cut, payment did not go through, had to reissue check, etc.

    Check numbers: When we pay by check the check number is entered into the Check number field. For Special Handling invoices a WD is entered into the field, and later updated with the actual check number by the staff who pick up the check. For normal invoices the check number is entered into the field by a monthly run. (Example: 00527352). I a check is returned or we receive a refund, the check number is used as both the invoice number and as the number for the Check number field.

    Bank Drafts :When paying in a foreign Currency we often have to buy a Bank Draft in that currency. The check number field is coded WD and walked down to New South. Staff later update the check number field with the bank draft number. (Example: 873530)

    Wire Transfer: When paying by Wire Transfer, The check number field is coded WD and walked down to New South. The invoice may be approved or left pending at this point depending on the currency involved. Once we determine the payment has been processed the Payment ID Reference is entered into the Check number field. (Examples: 0000229036 or SEP0291768)

    Journal Vouchers:When paying invoices that are paid by University Journal Vouchers the JV code is entered into the check number field. Once the process is complete the field is updated with the Journal Voucher number, usually by the Library Financial Officer. There are usually multiple invoices on the same Journal Voucher. (Examples: JV0000584592 or JV00003845)