Policy and procedure for invoicing electronic resources




Electronic resources such as databases and packages must be vetted by Rochelle Ballard or Patty Gaspari-Bridges prior to paying invoices, because there are often changes to the funding or to the content of the package. At the same time, we want to have a record of all invoices at the earliest possible point, and we need to pay them as quickly as possible once they are approved.To that end we will be entering them into Voyager as soon as we have a copy of them, and we will be able to track the pending invoices.


Such sources include vendors such as Lyrasis and Proquest, and packages such as the Springer Ebook packages currently purchased through YBP. Staff processing invoices should always refer them to Rochelle and Patty if they have any doubt.


1.       Art can set up access to any vendor online, such as Lyrasis, that we need to access for statements or copies of invoices.

2.       Invoices downloaded from vendor systems will be loaded into OnBase and Voyager. The Voyager invoice will be annotated in the header "awaiting RRB/PGB approval". The invoice will not be approved until we get specific instructions from Rochelle or Patty.  If staff have approval to pay at the point they enter the invoice into Voyager, they will annotate the header "OK to pay RRB (or PGB) [date]"

3.       Invoices emailed to Rochelle or Patty should be forwarded to the lodi@princeton.edu account. Rochelle and Patty will indicate in the email whether or not the invoice is ready for payment.  Invoice until will enter into the invoice into OnBase and Voyager as in step 2 above.

4.       Renewals for these electronic resources from vendors such as Proquest are NOT automatic. They should be forwarded to Rochelle, or in her absence, Patty. Any such renewal should be signed by one of them and not by Invoice unit staff.

N.B. Proquest renewal notice numbers start with "US". They should not be treated as invoices, although they may be entered into OnBase as Info records.Proquest invoices are 8 digit numbers, currently starting with the number 7.