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Harrassowitz Firm Order EDI invoices

At present, EDI files of firm order invoices from Harrassowitz have the shipping costs prorated over all the lines of the invoice. Starting immediately, they will be loaded as they come, rather than have someone edit the file before loading. Since our policy is to charge shipping at the header level, until such time as Harrassowitz has corrected their EDI files the following steps should be taken to process firm order invoices that have been loaded.

1. Fill in ACQORD bill to and appropriate account ; Add shipping cost to invoice header as per normal procedures and save.

2. Only orders with EHARR vendor code will load as linked lines. Any lines with the HARR vendor code will load as unlinked (usually multi-part items). Link any unlinked lines using PO information on the print invoices. Be sure to include volume information.

3. Open the details of each line and remove the adjustment for shipping.

4. Check the bottom line figure against the print copy of the invoice.

5. Check that the VID is written on the invoice and file in rack of invoices to be paid.


Processing firm order EDI invoices