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Unpaid Invoice File : Filing Rules
Check to see that the invoice has been scanned; if not, do so. Also check Voyager to see if the material has been received; if so, process the invoice rather than filing.
  • Invoices from one vendor should be filed together.

  • Invoices are alphabetized by the first letter of the first word of the company name, ie: Otto Harrassowitz files under Otto not Harrassowitz.

  • Personal names are filed under the first letter of the last name.  A personal name used as a company name is treated as a company name.

  • Ignore beginning initials. ie: E.J. Brill is filed under Brill NOT E.

  • Invoices from a vendor should be in numerical order from lowest to highest.

  • Individual letter files (yellow labels) should go at the beginning of the string of letters.  IE:  A goes before Abbot. 

  • Within the individual letter files, invoices should be filed alphabetically and then numerically within their own category.

  • If some invoices have letters as well as numbers they should be filed numerically and alphabetically ie: 101a goes before 101b.  Also, letters go after numbers, ie: 987 goes before A11.