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Invoice Filing in the “Ready to Pay” Rack

If there is a vendor problem (needs ID, address change, etc.) do NOT put the invoice in the rack.  Put it in the appropriate basket with the yellow label which reads: "Needs Vendor ID or address update -- PENDING INVOICES."
  • File the invoices from one vendor together.  They should be put in order by invoice number and clipped together.

  • File the invoices by the first letter of the first word, ignoring initials and  beginning articles (like the, a ...)

  • Use cards when needed to indicate a special situation:

    • Use the yellow cards for foreign currency 

    • Use the Blue cards whenever there is something Art should be alerted to.e.g. wire transfer, credit, etc. Be sure to note on the card what the reason for the tag is.

    • Use the Red cards whenever an invoice needs rush processing.

      NB. Don’t use multiple copies of the same card on the same vendor.