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Fiscal Year Calendars

Credit Card Invoices

Sorting and Filing

Inputting Details and Adjustments

Deposit Account Invoices

Monographic Invoices
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Processing Approval Invoices

Processing Invoices and Vouchers

Processing Prepays

Processing Returns Letters

Teaching Award Closing

RWI Form (MS Word)

Searching Acquisitions for Invoices
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EDI Firm Order Invoices

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Sorting Invoice Unit mail

Non-invoice material

RCD announcements and ads

  • Ads – announcements of new publications
  • Press releases
  • Catalogs
  • Surveys
  • Seminar notices/registrations
Send via interoffice mail or the folder in Katharine’s office.

Status reports, confirmations and cancellation notices

  • Reports basket in Serials Acquisitions unit :  Serials/subscriptions
  • Tom:  Monographs
  • Katharine: Any questionable or unidentifiable material


  • To periodical mailroom table, beneath the cubbyholes.

Invoice material

Invoices (Regular monographic orders)

Check drawer for packing slips/duplicate copies and copy any notes to original (eg. Vendor codes, PO #’s etc.)

  1. If nothing found in file drawer, file in appropriate folder after scanning into OnBase.
  2. If notes, etc found and transcribed, dump copies and packing lists and place annotated original invoice in the fully funded basket for processing

Invoices for Subscriptions/pro formas

  1. Search to see if paid already; if not process for payment after scanning into OnBase.
  2. Certain vendors, standing orders/subscription invoices wait for materials to arrive.  See supervisor for determining affected vendors.

Subscription renewal Notices

  1. Search Acq for PO (use bib info for journal title) If PO found, confirm whether it is a publisher direct item or an agent supplied item (Eg. Ebsco, Swets Blackwell, Faxon, etc.)
  2. If agent supplied, discard.
  3. If publisher direct, pay it (unless price increase of over 15% has occurred, then confer with selector.)
  4. If new title then treat as an ad and send to RCD.


  1. Search invoice #’s (especially those 60 days over) to see if they have been  paid.  If not paid locate (in our files) or request a copy (from vendor) and pay if no other problems (Eg. Returns pending, etc).
  2. If statement is current (no invoices over 60 days,) file in statement rack, discarding previous months statement. 
  3. Note:  for vendors with more than one account, be sure to match account numbers before discarding old statements.

  4. Visa, West Group, Library of Congress statements must be treated as invoices which require special handling.