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Sending Electronic Vouchers for Payment

1. Approve the invoices to be paid on Voyager and run the Notices through Reporter. This produces a printout of each voucher and an Access file. The printouts and the invoices are grouped together.

2. Copy acqnotes.mdb to c:\Newsouthtest. It will overwrite the previous file.

3. Open Access to Masteracqnotes and run the macro. Say yes to all the questions.

4. Close Access and go to the Newsouth folder and open lib_vchr.txt. Double check a couple of the invoice totals to make sure you have the correct batch. Also check to be sure all the lines have sequence numbers for the vendors' institution ID numbers.

5. Save the file and close. Rename it to lib_vchr.dat

6. Copy this file and fnjlib1_fnslib_signal.

Run \\smbserve
Log on as me (jelute/66884666)
Open up libvouchers folder
Paste in the two files and close all windows.

The file is run once a day, between 4 and 4.15 pm. Confirmation is sent to the Invoice unit email ( A later confirmation lists the invoices paid.

Check the 1st email message from Peoplesoft and make sure that no errors and that it ran. Print this out and attach to batch of invoices. Put in box to be filed.
Move the messages to the email folder 2002VchrConfs.

In Explore, copy lib_vchr.dat to the archive folder for that month (TSserver2/Acq/New South Archives). Rename following this pattern, MMDDYYN.txt, e.g. 0803015.txt