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"Walkdown" guidelines

1. Retrieve the Payment Request form and fill it out as follows.

2. Date refers to the date you are filling out the form, not the date you expect it to be delivered to Accounts Payable.

3. If making a payment in foreign currency then after the field Type of Payment Requested put in currency information : "in EUROS" or "in JPY", etc.

4. Bring up the Voyager vendor record. Cut and paste the Institution ID and Sequence numbers. Use the vendor address in Accounts Payable even if that is not the address we are going to mail it to.

5.Check off each Project Grant/Ledger to be used and enter the amount, including standard currency code. For example, $23.00, 45.20 EUR.

6. Add today's date at the end and print form out to be signed. Clip all documents together and put them in the Walk Down folder at the end of the payment rack. Note that walkdowns for check requests must include a copy of the invoice or invoices when delivered to Accounts payable.