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Processing Walkdowns and other Special Cases

Invoice payments that require special handling include some that can be coded into our normal voucher run, and others that require a special handling forms:

Check pickup
  • Code the following as CL in the check number field (exactly as is, no punctuation), and put in the invoice level note the special handling required. Blue flag the invoice to alert supervisor that it is a special case. After the invoice is approved it is given to Leyla for her to track checks received.
    • Checks that need to be sent to an address other than the payment address on the vendor record
    • Prepayments that need to include the order or other documentation
    • Any payment that needs to have documentation included with the check
    • Payments that need to be sent via FedEx, Registered mail, etc.

Wire transfers
  • Effective with FY15 both Foreign and Domestic Wires will be handled as part of the normal voucher run. See instructions.