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Procedures for Wert Invoices
  • Wert invoices are processed by first creating a multiline purchase order to match the print invoice, then using the multiline purchase order to create the invoice, analogous to the way we process approval invoices.
  Purchase order
  1. Set defaults for the purchase order header:
    Order Site, Ship to and Bill to : all ACQORD
    Vendor code : WERT
    Account : Firestone Library-115 (or 2170 for Preservation rebinding)
    Currency : USD
    Order Type : Firm Order

  2. Set line items copies/funds defaults :
    (Note: If you already have defaults set, you must click on Clear before resetting them.)
    Intended Location :ACQORD
    # of Copies : 1
    Commit to fund : open the drop-down arrow, open the 1190 ledger and navigate to Binding 1180 in the Supplementary funds. (Note that for Preservation rebinding the correct fund is Preservation Rebind 1180) Click on OK to set all the defaults.

  3. Create a new PO and use the Job number on the Wert invoice as the PO number and save the PO header. Circle the job number on the print invoice as a reminder that the purchase order has been created.

  4. To add lines to the purchase order, click on the Add Line-Bib Search button. Search by Names (BIB) for Wert Bookbinding. From the results list, select the title that matches the line on your invoice.
    • Note that there are sometimes abbreviations on the invoice, for example PKT for pocket, PORT for portfolio. Check with the unit head if you are unsure.

  5. Using the Quick line item feature, fill in the correct number of copies and price per item. Click on the Save button.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 , adding all lines in the same order they are on the invoice. Should you be unable to find a title match for a line on the invoice, mark it on the invoice, skip over it, add the rest of the lines and give it to the unit head when done.
    • Note : Skip over any lines with "rejections"

  7. Approve and receive the order. Do not print it or check for duplicates.


  1. Create an invoice from the purchase order, following standard procedures.

  2. Check to the sure the Amount and the Total invoice amount match.

  3. Circle Wert on the paper invoice, write the VID number on the invoice, and save and close the invoice. Deliver it to the appropriate spot in invoice unit.