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    1.Email templates for orders and claims have been set up in the orderdiv and pers email accounts. Email should be sent from these accounts and not your personal account.

    2. Go to Tsserver\Voyager procedures\V2000 procedures\Daily printing output and open the file “yyyymmdd readme”

    3.Get email addresses from Voyager vendor records. Note that some records have multiple email addresses. Consult a supervisor with any problems. Copy the appropriate email address using control/c to paste into your email template using control/v.

    4. Attach the pdf order(s) or claim(s) to the email. Open each file attached to be sure you have the correct file. If you are sending multiple records to a vendor you will need to edit the subject line of the email and the text slightly to indicate the number of records being sent.

    5. Send the email and indicate with an "x" in the appropriate column that record has been sent.

    6. Check the readme file at least twice a day as sometimes files are run more than once a day.