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Voyager Printing and Emailing print products

    1.Select Adobe PDF or other PDF writer as your default printer.

    2. Go to Tsserver\Voyager procedures\V2000 procedures\Daily printing output and make a new subfolder for the day’s printing. The folder name should be the date in the format yyyymmdd. From the main Daily printing output file, copy the sample readme spreadsheet and save it in the new folder as yyyymmdd readme (note : Ron has often created the following day's folder and readme file ready to be updated)

    3.As you run the Reporter batch, each purchase order, claim, etc will pop up a dialogue box asking for file name to save file. Leave the default file name and append a number to the end of it . For example, the default file name will be Purchase Order.pdf, which will be saved as Purchase Order1.pdf , Purchase Order2.pdf , Purchase Order3.pdf , etc.)

    4.In the day’s readme file, note the vendor name and record number. This will speed up the email process considerably. Note that not all orders for a given vendor will be sequential as they are when you print the output file.

    5. Highlight the PDF files as needed. Check paperwork for any special instructions.