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Brittle Books - Searching and Ordering

Books are reviewed by PSCD staff and have some preliminary checking done for availability. Typically they have been checked in Books in Print or the equivalent, or in the Guide to Reprints. However, the full bibliographic information for the available edition is not always provided.

Order Division staff should treat these books as Search and Order items. Check Books in Print or the equivalent if necessary and verify full bibliographic information in RLIN. Searching and bibliographic information are sometimes indicated on the Preservation Searching Form in the book.



Monographs, binds: Use our major US and Western European vendors as appropriate NYUAMB, BNA, BHBL, TOU, CUESTA, CAS, etc.

OP but published in US or UK : Search web for OP copy in good or better condition.

Commercial microfilm: generally purchased from publisher

Microfilm of individual library holdings: Purchase from Library of Congress or New York Public Library if possible. (Check with Invoice Unit as to the current status of Deposit Accounts for these vendors. If active, orders should carry a note instructing vendors to charge our deposit account). Otherwise use the library indicated by RLIN copy or other microfilm source.

Consult supervisor when in doubt.


The replacement fund 1713 no longer exists. Books are charged against the appropriate subject fund and object code for the format (Monograph, microform, etc.)


Notes: Each order should get a note (use the Line Item Notes field) indicating that it is part of the Brittle book replacement project, in the format:

Notes: Repl. project. Give to Tom. Ed. in place of [call number]
Notes: Repl. Project. Give to Tom. ACX of [call number]

Instructions to vendor:  Microfilm orders need a vendor note indicating our needs: for example:

Instructions to vendor: Please supply positive 35mm microfilm. Bibliographic source RLIN NYPG81-b3948
Instructions to vendor: Please supply 12 microfiche

Pay special attention to acx’s or replacement microfilms, which must be ordered as added copies on the existing catalog record for the copy being replaced

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