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List Orders

We try whenever possible to avoid ordering items by lists, as it defeats the purpose of an integrated library system, to have all information about holdings and orders available on that system.  However, due to the severely limited vendor note fields in Voyager, it is sometimes the only practical way to place an order.

For example, PO 68576 is for 46 separate sheets of the same topographic map.  It is not possible to put all the information in vendor notes, and it is impractical to place 46 separate orders for sheets of the same map.

Placing the order

1. Create an appropriate catalog record.  You may be able to import a record to process the list.

2. Create a multi-part firm order with instructions to vendor that references the attached list: For example,

“Supply 46 maps as on attached list.”

3. If the list is in electronic form, save it into a Word document and place it in the  List Orders folder of the Voyager Procedures folder.  Name the file using the p.o. number.  If the list is on paper only, give to to a secretary to scan to create a Word document for the folder.

4. Put the list in the plastic order tray with instructions to send it with the order.

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