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List Orders

Checking in a list order

1. Look in the List Orders folder of the Voyager Procedures folder for a file named with the p.o. number.

2. Examine the list. If all items on the list have been received, do a monographic receipt on the order.  Rename the file [p.o. number complete].  For example,

file 68576 becomes 68576 Complete

3. If all items on the list have not been received, check for vendor reports.  If all the unreceived items are cancelled for any reason, you may still go ahead and follow the instructions in step 2.   You should also mark the cancelled items as such on the list, and send a copy of the list to the appropriate selector.

4. If all items on the list have not been received and some are to be shipped at a later time, do NOT do a monographic receipt. The order must then be treated as a multi-part order and have a component added to check in material.  You should annotate the list “Incomplete shipment, adding component to check in”.  Either add the component and check in the material in hand, or give it to appropriate staff to do so.

5. Future shipments should be checked against the list to see if the order is then complete. When we have received all available items, rename the file as described in step 2, and annotate the order as “all items received” in the note field.

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