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Distributed Ordering - Music Sound Recordings

Find orders by searching for orders with Vendor Name "Music Recordings" or Vendor Code MUSREC.

  • Review the bibliographic record. Requested titles have been searched before they are added to Voyager. However, as bibliographic specialists, use your judgment ; if you see an anything that you think requires re-searching, please do so. Also check the 300 field to determine if the title has multiple physical pieces.

  • Check the Notes tab on the purchase order (Not the line item note). You will find suggested vendor information here.
    • The two most common vendors used for recordings are NCUMLSC and CDSOURCE. 
    • You may also find information in the note field which may inform your choice of vendor or acquisition method. Consult a manager if necessary.

  • Be sure that orders for multiple pieces are input as Multi-part line item type and have appropriate Instructions to vendor.
  • Update the vendor code as appropriate and print the order or send via EDI. Make appropriate printouts to put in the usual trays. For example, to find orders that you approved today, you can search for
    Search By Condition Search for Operator
    Status equal Approved/Sent AND
    Status date equal <today's date> AND
    Operator ID equal <your initials> AND
    Fund code equal 1239

  • Questions about specific orders may be addressed to Paula Matthews (selector) or Jon Stroop (inputter of the orders) as appropriate. If duplicate orders are identified, refer them to Tom Martine or Carol Fagundus to delete order and bibliographic records.