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Distributed Ordering -MUS scores

Files for scores to be ordered can be found in the Music folder on TSSERVER2.

  • Using Windows Explorer or Network Neighborhood, copy the work file from the Music folder. Save it to your hard drive in the c:\Voyager\work folder. Since you have no paper copy of the order request, this will allow you to go back and check the original bibliographic records on TSSERVER2 should you inadvertently deleted any necessary information.

  • Voyager Cataloging
    • Be sure that your duplicate detection profile is set to RLIN Add Conditional. Using the open work file icon (yellow file folder), open the file. You may wish to scan a few records to aid you in setting defaults in Acquisitions (vendor, currency, etc).
    • For any brief records, check the tagging and indicators and make any necessary corrections. Especially check the 245 field indicators.
    • For earch record in the file, save the record to the database. Check 500 field(s) for acquisitions information (vendor, currency, item number, price, etc.). Also check the 300 field to see if this is a multi-part item that would require a multi-part order or standing order with appropriate vendor instructions.
    • Note that RLIN Add Conditional may not work with composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Handel because the system identifies too many possible duplicates. In that case, change your duplicate detection profile to None (blank), search the title carefully , and save the record. Be sure to reset the duplicate detection profile to RLIN Add Conditional for the next record.


  • Voyager Acquisitions 
    • Set defaults as needed. Use the 1239sco fund code (score1239 fund name).
    • Search the vendor file to determine the appropriate vendor code. Vendor information is in the 500 field of the bibliographic record and also is frequently part of the work file name.
    • Create the order, being sure to include any item numbers in the Instructions to Vendor. If multiple pieces are being ordered be sure that information is in the Instructions to Vendor.
    • When the order is finished, return to the bibliographic record and remove the 500 field with the acquisitions information in it.
    • Make a screen shot of each order or a list of order numbers to put in the Approved order trays.


  • When the file is finished, delete the file copy on TSSERVER2 and notify Zsofia in MUS that the orders have been placed. Questions about specific orders may be addressed to Paula Matthews (selector) or Zsofia Surjan(inputter of the bib records) as appropriate.