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Distributed Ordering - SG Maps

Find orders by searching for orders with vendor name "SG map orders" or vendor code SGMAP.

  • Review the bibliographic record. Requested titles have been searched before they are added to Voyager. However, as bibliographic specialists, use your judgment ; double check for standing orders or for any other anomaly in the record that you think requires re-searching. Double check also that the bibliographic record is suppressed from the OPAC. Also look at the 300 field to determine whether it should be a single-part or multi-part order.
  • Check the Notes tab on the purchase order (Not the line item note). You will find source information here, for example "YBP slip", "Publ list", "web site", etc. You may also see Publisher name and address or the Voyager vendor code.
    • We will almost certainly order from the vendor listed in the note. Consult your supervisor with any questions.
    • Double check that the order has the correct line-item type for the physical description, including appropriate vendor instructions ; also be sure that any map on CD-ROM uses the MDF reporting fund.
    • Consult the vendor record or your supervisor about the best way of obtaining the material : print order, online order, prepay, credit card, etc and process accordingly.

  • Questions about specific orders may be addressed to Patty Gaspari Bridges (selector) or Berthalicia Harvey (inputter) as appropriate.