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Quick Order Procedure

General description

This procedure presents a streamlined way to order material designated for the Search and Order procedure. Material eligible for treatment includes OCLC screen shots or printouts which contain author, title , series and isbn in reliable format. For all intents and purposes this means that it should be LC or Library provided catalog record as opposed to a brief vendor record.

  1. Sort orders in such a way that you can set defaults in Acquisitions for efficient ordering.

  2. Be sure that your Bibliographic Import/Replace profile in Cataloging is set to OCLC Add Conditional. This is CRUCIAL to the success of this procedure.

  3. Check any series statements for standing orders in Voyager following posted procedure.

  4. Search OCLC either using Connexion or the Remote Search capability in Voyager. If there is an isbn available the fastest way to search is by ISBN.

  5. Look at the record retrieved to determine if any searching may be needed (bookset, reprint, etc).

    1. Brief vendor record – follow the usual Search and Order Procedure.

    2. Fully cataloged LC or “member “ copy record – follow procedure below.

  6. Add the 904 to the record and save the bibliographic record.  If the Bibliographic Dedupe Detection box pops up, retrieve the record(s) and make a decision about whether to proceed with the order.

  7. Create a multiline purchase order if possible(set appropriate defaults in Acq ; use the win-alt-o macro to create the original order from the first bibliographic record in the batch and the win-alt-q macro to add lines for subsequent titles)