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Rush Order Searching and Ordering

3. In Voyager Acquisitions, create a new purchase order.  Header information should be as follows: (Note that Order site, ship to and bill to may vary for serial orders)

IMPORTANT: If you are placing an order for a book published outside of the United States, and the currency is NOT USD, you must choose the correct currency before saving the record. Currency cannot be changed once the record is created. 

Special case: Firestone Reserves order inputting:

Use vendor codes FRESERVE
If you find any distributor information when searching BIP, put it in the Notes tab on the Header, in the Notes field (Not the instructions to vendor field)

Footer: Check claim and cancellation intervals (45 days and 120 days respectively). Be sure the RUSH ORDER flag is checked.

Save the order.

4. Add a line item using ALT L-A-D (Or, Line item menu>Add>By bib id).  Click on Quick Line Item On. Highlight the line item and click on Details.

Price Per copy price
Location    As appropriate
Number of copies Special case: F reserve: When purchasing 1 F + 2 res dups, simply place the order as 3 copies for F.   Records will be updated when pieces are received).
Link to holdings Only used when purchasing res dups or ACX. Open the link to holdings and choose the holdings record for your location which does not have a call number. Should be the last location in the list. Linking the order to this mfhd allows an On Order message to display in the catalog.



Format : RES: #,processing info,Course,Prof,Term

RES : 3 res dups His 325 Smith F01
RES : AC + 2 res dups Rel 330 Jones S02
RES : F Spa 220 Gomez F01
RES : F + 1 res dup His 202 Peters F02

Note that the use of the term “res dups” is restricted to Firestone Reserves only.  Multiple copies for other locations are treated as ACXs.

Vendor instructions Rush # copies  (Rush 1 copy, Rush 2 copies). Also include vendor account number if known, as well as any instructions (E.g. prefer paperback, etc).

5.  Approve order and treat in an appropriate way. Some options might be:

Print order, put note in basket to retrieve when printed,  fax order
Order by phone and suppress printing
Print and mail (when there is plenty of time)
Order by web and suppress printing

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