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Processing WorldCat Selection orders

General description

Selectors choose titles from bibliographic information supplied by several of our vendors, as well as from the Library of Congress. Records from specific vendors are downloaded into Voyager and added to pending orders for the appropriate vendor.Records flagged as possible duplicates during the Voyager load are written to a text file so that they can be checked against Voyager before discarding.

Pending orders

A query to pull up specific information from the pending orders is run against every load and a spreadsheet is placed in V2000 procedures\WorldCat selection\WCS automatic download orders. This allows us to check for sets and series before approving the order.

Duplicates or items on standing order should be deleted (both from P.O. and bib record). If we need to place a set or serial order, the line is deleted from a new standing order is created a new order according to established procedures.

Reviewing Duplicate title text files

Open the duplicate title text file email The format is a little messy but you can read bibliographic information as well as fund and location information. Check against Voyager. Most of them will be duplicates, but some may be editions or added copies. Place orders if necessary according to established procedures.

Processing LC files

File management and procedure

Vendor selection