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Monographic Series records from Harrassowitz

These procedures replace the OCLC searching , record import and cataloging instructions for monographic series titles received from Harrassowitz. Work files of bibliographic records are picked up from the Harrassowitz server and put on tsserver in the Voyager 2000 procedures\Harr bib files folder. Copy the file from tsserver and save it to your hard drive at c:\voyager\cataloging\work.


Instructions for Brief bibliographic records: Currently we are receiving brief records for scores received as monographic series. Follow standard procedure for importing records from work files, and for sorting completed material.

Instructions for Purchased cataloging records: Currently we are receiving fully cataloged records for single volume monographs (books only) and for first volumes of booksets (see Bookset exception below). Some of the author headings on these records are valid and some are not. To process purchased cataloging records:

  • In the Voyager Cataloging module, go to the Options menu - Preferences . Be sure that the deduplication profile is set to OCLC Add Conditional on the General tab. On the Validation tab, be sure that Bypass Marc Validation and Bypass Authority Control Validation are unchecked.

  • Select the hol.test template as the holdings template on the Verification tab.

  • Open an OCLC Connexion session so that you can check unvalidated headings as you process the books.

  • Follow standard procedures for importing the record from the work file. Check that the 245 and 260 fields match the book in hand.

  • Invoke the macro Win+Alt+H. The macro should run until the Authority Validation window pops up.

  • If headings are not all authorized, search the unauthorized headings in the OCLC authority file.
    • If found in OCLC - treat as authorized heading
    • If not found - make a screen print of the Authority Validation window

  • Perform series verification according to standard procedure. Check if the title is to be processed as CAS or MCS (be sure to look carefully at any material with the "Special Series Treatment" note in the check-in record.) If the title is to be treated as a CAS, do not continue with the Win+Alt+H macro, but update the holdings and item records manually. If the title is to be treated as an MCS, continue with the procedure below.

  • Invoke the macro Win+Alt+H. Type in the location code on the holdings record, then hit Enter. Add oversize notations if necessary, make sure the call number entered correctly and write the call number in the book.

  • Invoke the macro Win+Alt+H and scan in the barcode.

  • Books with unauthorized headings should be delivered to the designated shelf in Cataloging and Metadata Services. All other books may be delivered to the usual trucks for cataloged books.

  • In the Voyager Cataloging module, go to the Options menu - Preferences. If you changed Marc validation settings in the first step of this procedure, return them to their default settings.

  • Bookset exception:

      First volume of a set : Import the bibliographic record, save it to the database and put the book with a printout of the bibliographic record on the bookset shelf

      Subsequent volumes of a set already in Voyager: Add as usual



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