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Using the Receiving Macro

Problem receipts (firm orders)

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Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

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Monographic Receipts Procedure

Checking the shipment

Shipments with invoices should have each item checked off and the total number of items marked at the bottom of the invoice. Make sure that you have all the books that belong to that invoice before leaving the new receipt shelves. The books should be in good condition; if a book appears to have been damaged in shipment or is defective, show it to a supervisor.

Shipments received without an invoice should be accompanied by the “Material Received Without Invoice” (RWI) form that provides the supplier’s name and address. Before processing, however, always check the invoice files to see if the invoice has arrived separately and, if so, follow usual procedures. If no invoice can be found then you must complete the online version of the “Material Received Without Invoice” form found on the TSSERVER and forward that form to the Invoice Unit in lieu of a real invoice or packing list.

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