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Monographic Receipts Procedure

Searching & identifying order records

The most appropriate search strategy to use when receiving monographic orders continues to be a title search to retrieve all matching records. Searching by a title in Voyager 2000 ACQ can only be performed by selecting the Bibliographic Info option as explained below.  Alternative searches such as author, ISBN, or purchase order (PO) searches may be used  (in that order) to find the appropriate record if the title search fails or if the title is very common.

Remember that if you find more than one match in your title search, you must check all records to verify that we don't have unintended duplicate records.  Any difficulty in finding the order indicates that either the order needs updating or perhaps the wrong title was sent.

Basic Searching Steps for Retrieving Orders

The Quick Search is simple searching that allows you to search by one term only; for example, invoice number, vendor, PO number, Bibliographic Info, etc.

  • Select the Orders tab from the Acquisitions Listbar and click on the Search Orders icon to open the Search Orders Quick Search dialogue box. The Search By box should prompt to Bibliographic Info if the default search settings are set properly in Voyager 2000 Workflows. This, in fact, should be the default display when the ACQ module is opened. (SEE FIGURE BELOW)

  • Click on the Search for box ellipsis to prompt the Non-Keyword search box. In the Search By box select “title (BIB)” (typing the letter “t” is faster than scrolling down).

  • Click in the Search For box and enter the first word or words of your title to do the search.

  • The Title Index box displays the results of your search.  Highlight the matching record and click OK (or double click) to bring the title into your Search box. You may now click on Find to actually perform your search for a matching purchase order.  Matching record(s) will be displayed in the Quick Search results box.

  • Double click on the order line or click the Edit button to display the purchase order(s)

For More Complex Searching of orders use the Standard Search by clicking on the Search icon on the icon bar at top of your screen (page with magnifying glass) that allows you to combine up to four search terms using Boolean operators (see Searching for Orders in Acquisitions. 2000 for more details on this technique)


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