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Using the Receiving Macro

Problem receipts (firm orders)

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Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

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Monographic Receipts Procedure

Finishing up


Check off the appropriate line on the invoice for each item received to make sure that all of the items listed have been accounted for. Make sure that the vendor code is written on the top of the invoice, however, it is no longer necessary to put the fund /object code on the invoice since it will be available on Voyager. When all books on the invoice are checked in and there are no problem receipts, deliver the invoice to the established place in the Invoice Unit.  If there is variation in the vendor code (but not the vendor name) note the code by the orders. For example, it is ok to have orders with vendor codes BNA, EBNA, EBHB, BHBL on the same Blackwell’s invoice. However, it is NOT ok to have vendor code NYUAMB on that invoice.

Notify your supervisor if the invoice is “short” any of the items listed, or if any “extra” items were supplied against an outstanding order but not listed. The latter should have a Line item note stating that the item was “received with invoice ##### (date) but not listed “. Give the invoice only to your supervisor to write for a bill.   


Write the location, if other than F, on the verso of the title page following established procedures.  Write the 4-digit fund number and the VOYAGER order number (e.g., PO12345) in the gutter of the book.   Do not write in items for Rare Books locations (give these receipts to the Rare Book Specialist to be hand delivered to RBSC).


Sort your work and deliver the book to the appropriate shelf for further processing. .Follow any instructions such as “Circ for…”. “Uncat to…”,  “AC of …”, etc. as provided in the Line Item Note fields.  Sort out all books with LC or LC-like copy unless YOU are doing the LC cataloging.  Books with COD cards should be distributed to the COD shelves.  The remaining books are distributed as NO HOLD or HOLD, depending on sorting guidelines. [SEE LC Copy Guidelines]

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