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Problem receipts (firm orders)

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Monographic Receipts Procedure
Dealing with Common Receipt Problems - Cancellations

Books sent against cancelled orders

The use of "book" in this and other related documentation on problem receipts also refers to orders for other media such as CDs, videos, etc.

  • General Guidelines


    1. Cancelled orders,more often than not, are duplicates. Follow the general guidelines for duplicates to determine what to do with the book.

    3. If the book was already shipped before the cancellation was sent, or if not enough time passed between the cancellation and the invoice date for the cancellation to be processed by the vendor, we may not be able to return it.
    4. In general we do not return RUSH orders and certainly not without prior approval of the vendor.

  • Processing

    Regardless of whether the book is kept or returned, we need to deal with its line on the accompanying invoice, either as a payment or as a credit. We cannot add cancelled lines to an invoice. Therefore, we need to copy the order so that we can process the invoice.

    1. Check the date of cancellation (status date, or information in the line item note) to determine the date the original order was cancelled.
    2. Go to Order menu>Copy order>with components relinked. Change the purchase order number on the new order to match the original order.
    3. Add to the existing line item note "Cancelled on yyyy/mm/dd, received on invoice#####, copied and deleted original PO to process invoice." Then, add information to the line item note about what we are doing with the book.
    4. Delete the original cancelled PO.
    5. If we are keeping the book, check it in. Look carefully at the catalog records to see if they are appropriately marked (suppressed bib if book is going to dup sales, unsuppressed bib and remove cancelled note from mfhd if being cataloged, etc.) Follow the general procedures for processing duplicates. Consult with supervisor if necessary. Forward invoice to invoice unit as usual.
    6. If we are returning the book, update the line item note "dup of bib #######. Returning and deducting from invoice ##### [initials][date]." Put on the appropriate shelf for return, with the invoice. Indicate on the paperwork that a SYSTEM RETURN should be done to generate the returns letter.