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Frequently Asked Questions for Acquisitions

   All of these instructions will work with the view only logon. Be sure that you are logged on to Cataloging module and Acquisitions module with the same logon.

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1. What vendor was used for a particular order?
  • In the Cataloging module, search for your monograph or serial using bibliographic information. .
  • On the menu bar, click on Record, then View Line Items in Acquisitions (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt/r/q). This will bring up the Line Item Record.
  • Select the Order tab to display the vendor code.
  • Click on the ellipsis next to the code for complete vendor information

2. What is the address of a vendor?

  • On the List Bar on the left of the screen, select Vendors, then Search Vendors.
  • Search for a vendor using any of the criteria available. In the Vendor Name search, a phrase search will truncate at the beginning and end. For example, a search on black will find Blackwell and Bootblack.

3. How can I look at what is being returned to the vendor on my approval plan?

  • In the List Bar, select Orders, then Search Orders.
  • At the top of the Acquistions screen, click on the icon of the page with a magnifying glass. This is your Boolean Search in Acquisitions.
  • Search as        
    Vendor code equal AP-xxxx AND
    PO Number equal R
    • xxxx is the alpha code for your vendor; see the Approval Vendor Table
    • If your workflows and preferences are not correctly set you may have to search the PO number as R? to get the correct result
    • "R" preceding a purchase order number stands for "returned"
    • Select the appropriate purchase order(s) and click on OK
    • Line item status column indicates if an item has been returned ; see the notes field to the far right for the reasons for the return. (By far the largest category of returns are for books received from another source - firm order, standing order, gift, approval plan overlap, etc).