Charging Recap material:


Recap material can be found on the metal shelves near Peter. Charge the recap material that has call numbers attached then push the finished truck to Marg after the material is charged.


1. Log into voyager circulation, use the logon provided called circ2recap (this is to be used only for charging recap books)


2. Go to options, session preferences. Unclick any printing except for “Print hold slips”, then click ok or hit enter. See sample screen below.



3. Click on charge.


4. Scan in the patron barcode called “RECAP for 2nd floor     Shelf Direct and Binding”  22101003009586


5. Scan in the barcode of the recap book.


Ignore these pop-up messages (by using the enter key or clicking okay):


            Item is charged to another patron

            Item marked “In Process”


Try charging books again if you receive this message:


            Item not found, hit enter for okay, then rescan again. If message comes up again put aside for a supervisor.


Do not ignore these:


            If a message pops up that the book has a hold, use enter to get rid of the message.

            Then process the book as if it was a Rush or patron request. Deliver it to circulation after processing.


            If you receive a message that asks for a supervisor over-ride and you are not allowed to charge the book,  

            please deliver the book to Sharon or Joan in Circ. Include a post it note stating “ Supervisor – Recap charging”


            If you receive another message then the pop-up messages mentioned above, please put the book aside to show your supervisor.

            Make a screen print of any odd occurrence; take the printout with the book to you supervisor.


6. If the session times out, and you no longer see the charge screen please rescan the patron barcode again - “RECAP for 2nd floor   Shelf Direct and Binding”


7. When you are finished, please exit out of circulation by going to File then Exit. If you are finished with the pc, restart the pc by going to start – shutdown – restart.



If the books have call numbers then they are ready for Marg to finish off. Please push the truck with these books over to her desk. If they need call numbers, then give them back to the person or shelves you took them from for call number labels, add a post-it to indicate that the books are charged and ready for the next step. 


Please make a duplicate barcode for the upper left front cover of the book if the book does not have one.