1.   Go to Winbis – Order Maintance

2.      Create a new order or Add/Edit an open order if one is set-up already

3.      Add Monograph

4.      Put in all info as per the binding advice slip. Variable info is put in variable field with “volume or v” dropped from the actual volume number, numbers get put in as “no.” Put in no spaces between no. and actual numbers, example: no.1-4.


5.      There are two different types of call numbers used in Gest books, make sure that you set them up correctly as you input them into the call number field:


a. LC call numbers (they look like the call numbers we use here in Firestone on most of our new books) – Put three spaces before each period in the call number, put three spaces in front of the year, put three spaces in front of the letter in the second part of the call number: RA79.5A5.Z22 2005 becomes RA79   .5   A5   .Z22   2005


b. Harvard-Yenching call numbers usually have slashes within or a series of numbers and dots with only letters at the beginning of the call number. These break up at the slash. PJ4998.1/5547.1 should become PJ4998.1   5547.1 on the binding slip you are preparing.



6.      Input other information as needed, if it reads back to front (as we would understand it), add “BTF” on to the binding slip note area. Put in correct cloth color as requested on binding slip.


7.      Save each Gest slip that comes inside each periodical, number each slip according to the number on the corresponding BIS slip that you have created. Keep these slips in order and rubber band a post it to these slips in order to keep everything together, write the order number and the out date on the post it so we know what order the slips belong to.


8.      Double rubber band each periodical, these do not get charged and do not have barcodes.


9.      Box them up; label each box as Gest Serials, with the Wert pick up date.