Processing Approval Book Shipments with Purchased Cataloging


Loading Records


Vendors provides a data file with records for all books in the weekly shipment. Most of them are fully cataloged LC (Library of Congress)-type records, but in each shipment there are some records that do not meet the LC standard. These books are passed along directly to cataloging staff after receipt for updating, so that they may be cataloged and shelved promptly.


Records are loaded alphabetically by title, and an approval purchase order is created as part of the data load. If you look at the approval purchase order, you will occasionally find that punctuation causes a title to sort out of order.


Part of the data load is a deduplication check to avoid loading records for titles that are already represented in Voyager. If the bulkload process finds a possible match in Voyager for a record in the data load, it will not add the new bibliographic record, nor will it add a line to the purchase order for that title. However the deduplication process is not perfect and occasionally duplicate records are added. These problems are addressed as part of the cleanup done by Monographic Acquisitions staff after the bulk of the shipment is processed.


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