Processing Approval Books Shipments


Win-alt-l macro for LC cataloged books

This macro is used when you can completely finish processing the book. The macro deletes all 9xx fields, adds a new 902 (cataloging information ) and 904 (acquisitions information) field, puts the call number in the holdings record, and adds an item record with a barcode.

Running the macro:

  1. Check that the 245 and 260 fields match the book in hand.
  2. Check the call number in the 050 field against the list of location adjustments to determine if you will need to change the location code in the holdings record. Check the size designation in the 300 field ; if it is 30cm or more you will need to adjust the call number in the holdings record.
  3. Activate win-alt-l keys to start the macro
  4. While the macro is deleting 9xx fields and adding the 902 and 904 fields, write the purchase order number and the fund 1601 in the gutter of the book.
  5. When the macro stops at the holdings record:

      Check the call number against the call number in the book if present. Write the location in the book for any location other than F. Circle the call number in the book or write it on the verso of the title page following standard guidelines.

      Adjust the location if necessary , from the location adjustment list, or from a special flag or notation on the BBS slip.

      If there is a book jacket, check it against the list of locations for which book jackets are retained. Discard unneeded jackets. If the location is Dixon (dixn), leave the jacket on the book and the barcode will be placed on the book jacket itself.

      Add the oversize designation if necesary.

      Check the holdings record or book flag for "Give to Circ" note. If present, transfer the information if necessary to the Give to Circ flag and pass the book on to Circulation when processing is complete.

  6. Reactivate the macro win-alt-l. This will save the holdings information and open up an item record. Barcode the book according to procedure and wand the barcode in to the item record.
  7. Check off the title on the invoice, discard the paper slip, and complete the physical processing of the book (labeling, plating, etc) according to unit standards. When complete send the book to Circulation for discharge and shelving, or prepare for binding as appropriate. No fully cataloged books should remain at your desk at the end of the day.





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