Processing Approval Books Shipments


Win-alt-n macro for books that are not LC cataloged

This macro is used when you can not completely finish processing the book. The macro deletes all 9xx fields, adds a new 904 (acquisitions information) field, and adds an item record with a barcode.

Running the macro:

  1. Check that the 245 and 260 fields match the book in hand.
  2. Activate win-alt-n keys to start the macro.
  3. While the macro is deleting 9xx fields and adding the 904 field, write the purchase order number and the fund 1601 in the gutter of the book.
  4. When the macro stops at the holdings record change the location if indicated on special flag or vendor slip.
  5. Reactivate the win-alt-n macro. This will save the location change, if any, and will open up an item record. Barcode the book according to procedure and wand the barcode in to the item record.
  6. Check off the title on the invoice, be sure the BBS slip indicates the reason you cannot process the book (CIP, No LC copy , etc.), and put book with slip in it in the Further Processing Needed pile.






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