Processing Approval Books Shipments


Processing Approval returns and other problems

The Possible return/problem pile is passed on to monographic acquisitions staff, with the invoice, for final processing.

Material in the possible return/problem pile includes, but is not limited, to

  1. Titles rejected by the selector, or duplicates of material already in the collection:Process on a returns purchase order according to standard procedure.
  2. Bookset volumes : place a firm or standing order for remaining volume(s) as necessary. Catalog the bookset if you are certified to do so, or hand off to certified staff for cataloging.
  3. Added copies : Get retention decision from selector if necessary ; either add to the collection or process as a return.
  4. Added copy purchase request : A selector may want to buy a copy in addition to a copy received on approval. Consult supervisor if necessary for appropriate vendor selection and place the added copy order.






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