Prebindery process document 2


Scanning for call number labels, and attaching labels, of soft cover monographic books for Picture Cover binding


Scanning call numbers for books


  1. Bring up vgerspin software to produce labels, put the Gaylord or Brodart labels in the front part of the printer. These labels are the 56 count (8 labels 7 rows)  per sheet. Put down the sheet with the label side up.


  1. When scanning books – do not print labels for SA or SAPH put these aside. When you scan these, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to print this label, answer no (use the arrow keys to NO), press enter.  Pull out any books that need inserts bound in, or have cd-roms in the back of the book. These will be treated as paper standards.


  1. The first label scanned will make a pop-up appear asking where to start printing on the label sheet. In most cases you will just press your enter key. This will start the printing on the first label. In certain situations, you may not want to print on the very first label, click on the virtual label corresponding to one on the sheet you want to start with.   


  1. Scan each book, do not worry about locations except for SA and SAPH as stated above. You will notice that as you scan the books, the blue bar at the bottom of the Vgerspin program will slowly fill up. This is representative of the amount of labels you are printing and room used and left on the sheet you are printing on to.


  1. As you scan each book, move one barcode to the front of the book, leave the second one attached to the inside of the book with the light tape. The front of the book is always what we would consider the physical front cover of the book if it was a U.S. publication; ignore the fact that it may be the actual back cover if it was published in some other parts of the World.


  1.  If it is missing a loose barcode that can be taped in, produce a second barcode using the barcode duplicating software, attach that barcode using the tape with the blue inner ring, called “Removable Magic Tape”.   


  1. If you need to edit within the call number window, make sure that you do not alter the call number. Editing includes moving the Richardson numbers so that they print correctly on the call number. Each line needs to be moved down before each period, so that each line of the call number, except for the first and any lines with variable information, starts with a dot. When you are finished press the label is okay button with your mouse. Note that the macro for getting rid of the “F” within the call number will not work if you click within the call number window to edit.




  1. Keep each book scanned in the same order as you scan it. This will make attaching the call number labels easier.









Attaching call numbers






  1. Check within each book to make sure that you are attaching the correct call number label. With most monographs, all you need to check is the first line of a call number to confirm that it is the same as the label you are about to attach. With single issue serials or sets, check the variable information as well at the bottom of the call number, both the label and the adding should match.


  1. Try to attach the call number to the bottom part of the spine. If it does not fit, then attach it to the front of the book underneath the barcode.



  1. Sort your material as you attach call numbers. Your primary sort should be to Economy picture covers. These are books that do not have cover flaps or text on the inside of the cover or back cover.  Ignore text that is obviously advertisements.


  1.  Pull out this material, that has cover flaps or text on the inside of the cover or back cover, and put it on another pile. This material will be sent out to the binder to have hinged covers. It requires its own charge, Wert hinged covers, and will be boxed separately.


  1. Pull out Recap books after you attach the call number. Note that Recap books will get the second barcode attached to the last page, the side facing the back cover. If there is text on this page, please use the inside part of the back cover.