Prebindery process document 1


Sorting of material coming into Prebindery


This is done first thing in the morning. The incoming work from circulation is on a cataloging book truck that has to be emptied and ready for the catalogers to reuse.


  1. Pull out any obvious SA and SAPH material. They will be handled as paper standard.


  1. Pull out any item without a flat spine. They will also be handled as paper standard. This includes books that are stapled together but do not have an obvious back cover.


  1. Any material that is in a box, or multi-piece will be treated as a paper standard or possibly sent on to collections. Go ahead an pull those for the paper standard shelf.


  1. Pull out any books that need inserts bound in, or have cd-roms in the back of the book. These will be treated as paper standards as well.


  1. Any material that is left will be scanned for call numbers. Most of this will be sent out as picture covers.   


Please see instructions on scanning call numbers for picture cover books.