Voyager Acquisitions: Changes in Voyager 5

Various workflow changes have been made in Voyager 5 to support better productivity. These changes are in both orders and invoices and require workflow settings be changed to support them.

Workflow changes : Go to the Tools menu and select Workflows. When the Workflows window opens, click on Line Items. Check the settings below and make sure your settings match them.

Settings for Invoice Unit

Settings for all other staff

For complete workflows settings go to the Prefs and workflows section of the Order Division documentation.

Quick line items in Orders and Invoices

The Details button will no longer serve 2 purposes. Orders and Invoices alike have 2 buttons : Quick line item and Detailed line item. Happily they work with Alt key combinations : Alt-Q brings up the Quick line item display, and Alt-D brings up the full tabbed detail display. The Quick line item toggle at the top has disappeared.

Sample order:


The buttons also work as they are meant to do : If workflows settings say "Enable Quick Line Items Upon Add", the quick line item display automatically opens when the line is added to the order or invoice.

The invoice quick line item includes Piece identifiers and Line item notes; sadly, not adjustments (see below). For invoices with line item adjustments, clicking "Open Line Item Details After Saving" will open up the detailed box when the quick line item box closes, so that adjustments can be added.

The invoice quick line item capability also changes system behavior when the invoice line is added. "Prompt for actual price" is no longer in workflows. If a line has single fund and location the quick line item will display (with the price from the order filled in , but it can be edited). If there are multiple funds or locations, the full tabbed detailed box with a price tab will display.


Changes in Macros

The receiving macro has a change that is necessary to accomodate a bug in Voyager 5. You will find when you go to receive a book that the receiving box opens up to the Title level instead of the Copylevel. You must left click on the Plusses to open up the display to the Copy level. Therefore, after clicking the box at the copy level to receive, you must Right click to advance the macro.

The new purchase order macro and add lines to a new purchase order macros now automatically open up the line item after adding it to the purchase order. Please be sure to check the title after saving the line item before you approve the order.


New approval order macro

There is a new macro for adding lines to Approval orders. It works exactly like the adding lines to multi-line purchase orders macro (win-alt-q) EXCEPT that it opens up the quick line item screen and automatically changes the line item type to Approval. All you need to do is to put in the price and hit Enter. (Occasionally you will need to add a note, which can be done before hitting the Enter key). The hot key for this macro is win-alt-a Please be sure to check the title after saving the line item before you approve the order.