Welcome to the Persian Cataloging Manual

This manual is compiled for catalogers who work with Persian material. It is an aid to descriptive cataloging information and a guideline to address issues which are language driven.  The goal is to provide explanations and examples in how these issues are resolved according to AACR2 rules and Library of Congress cataloging polices.

**Best practices document for MELA 2010 meeting**

The Committee on Cataloging would like to thank the implementation Editorial Board of Juliet Sabouri (Chair), Akram Khabibullaev, Zoya Nazari, and Farideh Tehrani for the initial content of the PCM, with thanks to Michael Chyet for providing some additional content. Contact the Committee on Cataloging with comments and suggestions.

Presentations from the Persian cataloging workshop at the 2008 MELA annual meeting:

   Farideh Tehrani: Persian and Arabic romanization differences and AACR2 rules
   Juliet Sabouri: Modern Persian names
   Joyce Bell: Classical Persian names (click Edit>Edit slides to see the text of the talk)
   Mozhgan Jalalzadeh: Fihrist-i mustanad-i asami-i mashahir va muallifan as an authority file
   Akram Khabibullaev: Persian CIP
   William Kopycki: Best practices for keyboarding technique for Persian script