New Computer Checklist

When a new computer is installed the following settings should be checked. This is a basic list, those with individual workstations will be responsible for doing further customization if they wish.


Set up a group called Tech. Serv. Workspace
Copy into it the icons for RLIN for Windows, McGill and Netscape
Make sure that the icon symbol and icon names are standard.

Options: Save settings on exit, should be ticked.

From the Main group, select Control Panel

Color: select The Blues

Mouse: tracking speed, left of center
             double click speed, left of center

Desktop: screen saver, select blank or starfield simulation, set the delay to 5 minutes
                 cursor blink rate, left of center

TCP3270 (McGILL)

All of the settings are implemented by the ini file. Check that the right ini file is running by logging on and if the usual toolbar and icons appear, the correct ini file is loaded. If not, see Janet and she will arrange for the appropriate ini file to be installed.


Logon manually using the account for that computer and select settings from the menu

Terminal: remove the cross from the auto page eject box
                 remove the cross from the graphics printer box

Color: background, select dark blue (5 lines down and 5 rows across)
            text, select white

Logon: type in rlin account number for that computer, they can be found on the computer inventory
             activity is cat

Return to menu and select session, select save as and call it RLIN
Logoff and logon back on using RLIN and make sure that the automatic logon works.

Return to logon and repeat the procedure, this time leaving all selections blank. Go to session and select save session, call this NACO. Logoff.

In the start up dialog box, select DEFAULT and delete it.
Logon using the RLIN session name and return to the settings menu.

Communications: check that hostname and port are correct. See Janet for the current settings.

Command buttons: set up three buttons
FirstLabel = Bibliog String = cal rlin (cat)^d
SecondLabel = AuthorityString = cal rlin (aut)^d
TenthLabel = LogoffString = logoff^d


Options: show toolbar and auto load images should be ticked
Preferences: under styles, home page location should be: