Software Review Procedure
If there is a piece of software (purchased or shareware) that you feel will help you in your job, you may submit a request for TSD to acquire it. This procedure will be accomplished in a timely fashion.

  1. Provide the AUL for Technical Services with a written request approved by your immediate supervisor. Include the software name, any details you have from an ad, or a URL, what you wish to use it for, and a brief rationale for its use.
  2. The AUL will review the request. If the request is approved, it will be passed on to the Microcomputer Coordinator.
  3. If the request is not approved, e.g. you ask for a HTML editor that has the same features as software already provided, the AUL will contact the requestor and explain why the request is denied.
  4. For approved requests, the Microcomputer Coordinator will evaluate the software on technical grounds: reputable source, does what it says it will do, will run on the appropriate equipment, and will not interfere with or downgrade the performance of the core Technical Services hardware/software platform. This will be done by checking with the vendor, finding reviews, downloading a demo, etc.
  5. If the software is technically incompatible with the departmental core hardware/software platform, the Microcomputer Coordinator will inform the AUL, and this information will be passed on to the requestor and the original request disapproved unless a clear and reasonable alternative and/or compelling reason exists to follow through with acquiring and mounting the software.
  6. For software that is not incompatible with the departmental standard hardware/software platform, the Microcomputer Coordinator will provide the AUL with the necessary purchase or acquisition information. Purchase will be arranged as budgetary priorities allow. [Note: As the departmental core hardware/software platform evolves over time, continued compatibility cannot be guaranteed.]
  7. If the software is shareware, the Microcomputer Coordinator will arrange for it to be downloaded as other systems priorities allow.
  8. Purchased software will be delivered to the Microcomputer Coordinator on receipt. It will be installed as soon as possible. The requestor will be notified, and provided with any documentation which is to be considered library and department property and for which they are responsible.
  9. Once the software is installed, it is the user's responsibility to train themselves in its use, make sure that it works appropriately, and to report any system problems related to its use.
  10. The Microcomputer Coordinator will register the software, and keep the master discs/cd-roms in a safe location. Backup copies will be made if needed and permitted by the terms of the license agreement.
  11. Specially requested and approved software is to be considered a University and departmental resource. In the event that staff other than the original requestor may have a need or develop a need to have access to such software, arrangements may be made to mount the software on a workstation accessible to all parties concerned.
Janet E. Lute

rev. by Rick Schulz