1. Do not change the program groups in Program Manager that come when the computer is first installed in the unit.

  2. When you are creating new program groups, COPY existing icons. Do not move icons.

  3. Do not change software paths. For example, do not move WPWIN61 (WordPerfect) out of the subdirectory called WINAPPS into something else.

  4. Never delete any files appended to the end of the root directory.

  5. Do not change in any way AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.

  6. Check with Janet before installing any of your own software (including shareware). She may want the software to go into certain subdirectories.

  7. Officially sanctioned software will be installed and deinstalled by Sheri, under the direction of Janet.

  8. When transferring data files from different computers (whether between machines in the library or a personal one at home), make sure you know that your floppy disks are virus free.

  9. Do not allow unauthorized persons to use your computer. Students who are employed in Technical Services will be directed to work on specific machines.

  10. Do not make ANY changes to software configurations on shared workstations. For example: in TCP3720 no changes should be made to any of the options listed under Options--Session Profile, with the exception of the toolbar.

  11. Do not override any customized keys unless you know for certain that those keys are no longer needed by the person who originally created them.

Last updated April 1996