Basic Points to cover in Computer Training

The following points should be used as a guide when training staff in each trainer's group.

What is Windows

Program Manager
Maximize, minimize & restore buttons
Scroll bars

Creating and naming a new group
Opening up multiple groups on the same desktop
Copying icons into different groups

Using Help, including contents, searching and the glossary
Use of the task list
Ctrl./esc. and alt./tab. shortcut keys
Switching between applications

Logging off and closing an application.
Leaving the computer at the end of a session
Leaving the computer at the end of the day.
Starting up the computer from scratch

Control Panel (optional)
Changing colors
Changing the sensitivity of the mouse
Customizing the clock
Selecting a pattern for the desktop
Selecting and customizing a screen saver
Changing the cursor blink rate

TCP3270 (McGill)
Opening up a NOTIS session
Closing a NOTIS session
Opening up additional sessions, e.g., RLIN, e-mail
Printing and form feeding

What each icon does
Changing the size of the icons
Using tool tips

Menu options
Changing the font and screen size
How to view a poppad
Moving between multiple sessions
Using help

Macros (quick-key editing) (optional)
Viewing existing macros
Editing a macro
Creating a new macro
Text versus commands
Saving changes

Keyboard mapping (optional)
How to map a command to a key
How to map a macro to a key
Drag and drop features
Which key positions to use

Session profile - Toolbar (optional)
How to add a macro to the toolbar
How to choose an icon
Positioning an icon on the toolbar

Logging onto an RLIN session
Logging off an RLIN session
Using the 'save as' feature to save a new logon dialog (optional)
Using ctrl/alt with diacritics

How to create a new logon profile (optional)
How to name and script a command button
How to turn on graphics printing

What each icon does
Printing a single screen
Printing multiple screens
Changing the font sizes

What each icon does
Setting the default documentation appropriate to the Division

Catalog Division Documentation
Table of contents
Using the index
Sending a message
Checking News & notes

Order Division Documentation
Table of contents
Technical Services Homepage
Division Information
Staff Lists
Special Projects
Workstation Committee (includes all documentation relating to computer use)

Bookmarks (optional)
Adding a bookmark
Viewing bookmarks
Deleting a bookmark
Sorting bookmarks into folders
Moving bookmarks

Netscape Mail
How to set preferences
Toolbar use
Sending a message
Creating and managing folders
Creating and managing address book
Replying to messages
Forwarding messages