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Voyager Acquisitions



Acquisitions Client Series

This series describes the basic Acqusitions screen as well as order and invoice records.It also shows how to choose appropriate preference settings and do basic searches. This series is appropriate for both production and public service staff.

Acquisitions Client 1 : Navigating The Main Screen

What's what and what's where on the introductory screen in Acquisitions.

Acquisitions Client 2 : The List Bar (Description)

Acquistions Client 3 : Looking at an Order (Description)

Acquisitions Client 4 : Looking at an Invoice (Description)

Acquisitions Client 5 : Setting Preferences (Description)

Acquisitions Client 6 : Setting Workflows

Workflows settings affect both the look and the performance of the Acquisitions module. This tutorial shows you how to set Workflows on your workstation for efficient use of the Acquisitions module.

Acquisitions Client 7 : Setting Defaults (Description)

Acquisitions Client 8 : Searching for Orders and Invoices

Acquisitions Client 9 : Bibliographic Searching in Acquisitions

Bibliographic searching in Acquisitions is a multi-step process which can be somewhat confusing. This tutorial demonstrates how to search for an order for a particular book using the Acquisitions module.


Acquisitions Client 10 : Boolean Searching in Acquisitions

Acquisitions Client 11 : Looking at Serials check-in and claims