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Voyager Acquisitions



Introduction To Voyager Acquisitions Series

This series is meant as a very general illustration of how Voyager Acquisitions interacts with and relates to the rest of the Voyager system. Don't worry about trying to replicate everything on your live Voyager system, as these are not step-by-step tutorials. Demos in later series will take you step by step through various procedures. Remember you can repeat these tutorials as often as you like. We recommend that you return to them from time to time to refresh your understanding of how Voyager works.

1 : The Integrated System  

Voyager is an integrated library system, but runs off separate modules. This segment introduces the three modules used in Acquisitions work, and looks at the same record as reflected in different areas.

2 : It All Starts with the Bibliographic Record Pt. 1

Acquisitions records in Voyager start with the creation of a bibliographic record. Whatever happens to the acquisitions record is displayed in the Cataloging module and in the OPAC. This tutorial displays the changing status messages as an order is created.

3 : It All Starts with the Bibliographic Record Pt. 2

This tutorial continues the previous one, and displays the changing status messages as an order is received and cataloged.

4 : Acquisitions Information in the Acquisitions and Cataloging Clients

Some acquisitions information appears in the Cataloging clients, and some appears only in the Acquisitions client. Some cataloging information appears in orders and invoices. This tutorial explains where to find different kinds of information.