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Technical Services Tutorials

Technical Services Workflow



This series is meant as a very general illustration of how order requests, invoices,and books and other media travel through Technical Services. It shows how the various units in the Division work together to purchase, pay, bind, label, catalog, circulate and shelve material, and how that work is reflected in the various staff modules of Voyager. .

1 : Preorder searching  

What happens when a selector forwards a request to Order Division? What are the necessary steps in bibliographic verification and holdings searching? The basic processes of preorder searching are also used in processing new approval plan receipts.

2 : Firm orders

This tutorial shows how orders are created and how they affect information that displays in the catalog. It also shows how you can tell if something had been claimed and where to find status reports.

3 : Receiving and cataloging books.

This tutorial shows the verification process used in receiving firm orders, and describes the decision points in the receipt and cataloging process.

4 : The invoice in Voyager

This tutorial demonstrates how invoices are entered in Voyager, how payment instructions are sent to Accounts Payable, and how invoices are archived.

5 : Getting to the shelf

After the book is cataloged, what steps are taken to bind and label it , and how does it get to the shelves? How can it be tracked in process and retrieved for a patron?

5 : Follow an approval book through receipt to cataloging and shelving